Sharabi did high voltage drama by climbing on the electric pole. Sharabi did high voltage drama by climbing on electric pole. guna news

Guna Drunker Case: A high voltage drama of a drunkard has been witnessed in Guna district. Where the drunkard put his life in danger for the sake of liquor. The police themselves arranged liquor for the drunkard.

Drunkard climbed on the electric pole for about 1 hour. And the drama continued for about 2 hours. The name of the drunkard is being told as Ghasilal. When the drunkard was asked why he climbed the pillar, he told that – “He was in dire need of alcohol, he did not want anyone to be responsible for his death, so he was demanding alcohol, he got alcohol, so no one was accused.” Felt” Ghasilal is addicted to drugs.. who did the drama of dying by climbing the electric pole.

Police arrested the drunkard

The policeman present at the spot arranged liquor for the drunkard. The policeman tossed the bottle of liquor and threw it towards the drunkard. As soon as the drunkard got down from the pillar and reached to take the liquor, some people caught him. The drunkard was taken down from the roof with the help of a roof ladder. A sizeable crowd gathered to watch this drunken drama.

Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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