Shahpura police met famous film actor Sunil Shetty during vehicle checking. shahpura police met famous film actor sunil shetty during vehicle checking. dindori news

Dindori Police Vehicle Checking News : Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty has reached Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh to celebrate New Year. A huge crowd of people turned up to take selfies with Sunil Shetty. Earlier, during vehicle checking at Shahpura in Dindori, the police stopped Sunil Shetty’s car. Even then a large number of people reached to take selfies.

Crowd of fans including policemen

Dindori’s Shahpura TI Akhilesh Dahiya said that during the normal vehicle checking under the police station area, Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty’s car also came to the fore during the checking in which famous actor Sunil Shetty was sitting. When the police found actor Sunil Shetty during vehicle checking, his eyes were left teary. Then there was a crowd of fans including the policemen taking selfies one by one. In fact Shahpura police stopped a luxury car passing Maharashtra during vehicle checking on Umaria Marg in their police station area in the evening, then actor Sunil Shetty was sitting in the front seat.

As soon as the eyes of the people of Shahpura Nagar fell on the film actor, there was a crowd of selfie-takers. Film actor Sunil Shetty also took selfies with the people of Shahpura Nagar and left for Bandhavgarh (Umaria).

Security increased at Bandhavgarh’s Bagh Tola Resort

Actually, in the new year 2023, people from India and abroad are reaching tourist places. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve located in Umaria district has become the first choice of Bollywood celebrities. Tourists have thronged Bandhavgarh to celebrate the new year. After the arrival of actor Sunil Shetty, security arrangements have been increased at Bagh Tola Resort in Bandhavgarh.
Prakash Mishra’s report from Dindori

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