Sex before marriage will be considered a crime here, will be jailed for one year

Pre Marital Sex in Indonesia : The Indonesian government is soon going to enact a law under which if someone has sex before marriage, it will be considered a crime. Not only before marriage, but also after marriage, there will be a ban on having sex with a stranger man or woman. According to the new law, only husband and wife will have the right to have physical relations. Soon Indonesia House is preparing to give recognition to this law.

The Parliament of Indonesia is about to pass ‘The Draft Criminal Code (RKUHP)’. After the new law comes into force, if an unmarried or married woman violates it, then he may have to go to jail for one year. Along with this, he can also be fined. At present, the Indonesian government has prepared the draft of this new law. It will be presented in the House and if passed, this law will be implemented. Bambang Wuryanto, a member of the Indonesian General Assembly, told Reuters that the law would be passed early next week. He is going to follow the values ​​of Indonesia and we are proud of it. The special thing is that this law will also apply to foreigners coming to Indonesia.

Those people will come under the purview of this law against whom complaints will be made. If the person is married and his partner has complained about him then action will be taken. At the same time, action will also be taken on filing a complaint by the parents of an unmarried youth or girl. If the complainant withdraws his complaint before the commencement of the court trial, no action will be taken. But once the trial starts in the court, then legal action will be taken. Let us tell you that even three years ago, the Indonesian government was about to bring this law, but thousands of people took to the streets and started protesting against it. People termed it as a violation of ‘freedom of speech’ and in view of strong opposition, the government took steps back at that time.

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