Seoni News: 8th class student hanged in Seoni due to unknown reasons, police engaged in investigation. 8th class student hanged police engaged in investigation

Seoni News: In Madhya Pradesh’s Seoni district, a youth committed suicide by hanging himself at home due to unknown reasons. As soon as the information was received, the relatives brought down the dead body and hurriedly admitted him to the hospital, but there the doctors declared him dead. At the same time, this incident was informed to the police. The police reached the spot and sent the dead body for postmortem after establishing a morgue and started investigating the matter. Here, the condition of the family members is getting worse by crying.

The deceased was a student of class 8

According to the information, the deceased was a student of Class 8 in the English Medium Tribal Ashram, Binjhavada Seoni, who used to stay in the school hostel for his studies, but since November 17, he was studying at his home. Actually, tribal boys were not students in the ashram, so he was studying at his home. The teachers and the superintendent had informed Shivam’s mother Madhuri Bhalavi that he was not interested in studies.

Mother earns her livelihood by working as a laborer.

In the case, relatives say that Shivam’s mother Madhuri works as a laborer to feed the family and as usual she went out for work. When she returned, she saw her son’s body hanging, after which Madhuri called people around and brought the body down from the gallows. After which he was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead. Please tell that the deceased also has two younger brothers and sisters. At present, the police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

School was not coming since 17 November

On the other hand, SK Brahman, head reader of Adivasi Balak Ashram, English Medium, Binjhavada told that, Shivam has been studying in Adivasi Balak Ashram since first class and now he was in eighth grade but since few days ago he did not feel like studying at all. Whose complaint he had also made to the mother of the deceased Shivam. After which he had gone to his home and since November 17, he was neither coming to school daily nor living in the ashram.

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