Sengol will be kept in the new Parliament House, what is its history and importance, know here

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  • Sengol will be kept in the new parliament building
  • Its history is related to the Chola dynasty.
  • Lord Mountbatten was given to Pandit Nehru

New Delhi:

Union Home Minister Amit Shah informed in a press conference today that Sengol will be kept during the inauguration of the new Parliament House on May 28. This sengol will be kept near the chair from the speaker. It has been seen as the power of power. This sengol was seen as a symbol of power of the Chola dynasty. This tradition was adopted in our country till independence. Not only this, when the British announced the end of their rule from India, that is, independence was declared, then former PM Jawaharlal Nehru was handed over to this Sengol. Presently it is kept in a museum in Allahabad. There will be Nandi on top of this Sengol.

what is its history

Chola rule was considered to be the longest ruling dynasty of South India and the world. Its rule was from 300 BC to 13th century. On the other hand, in the Chola regime, when a king elected someone as king or was declared successor, this Sengol was given as a transfer of power. The one who had this, there used to be the king of the state. This tradition continued for all ages. It was made of gold, on which precious stones were studded.

Meaning of Sengol

Sengol is a Sanskrit word derived from Sanku. This sanku means conch shell in Hindi. According to Hindu traditions the conch shell is considered sacred. It was known as Power or as Scepter. When the king used to go to a special program or ever wanted to use his powers, then only used it.

story of freedom

In 1947, when there was talk of liberating India, the last Viceroy Lord Mountbatten asked Pandit Nehru for the program of transfer of power. At that time Pandit Nehru did not have any plan, then he went to former Governor C. Raj Gopalachari, then he suggested this Sengol. At that time this Sengol was near Thiruvaduthurai, the oldest monastery of Tamil Nadu. Which was brought at midnight. Later Mahant worshiped it and handed it over to Lord Mountbatten which Mountbatten handed over to Pandit Nehru as a transfer of power and India came back from British to Indians.

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