Seeing the rate of Arijit’s concert ticket, the fans were confused, one said that this is the engineering college fees.

Arijit Singh Live Concert: It is said that in front of the craze of the fans, all other craze is less tea than water. Sometimes some fans stand outside their star’s house all night to see them, while some keep a picture in the temple and worship them. There is one such star in India who has crores of fans all over the country.

Arijit’s Bollywood

The name of this star is Arijit Singh. Arijit achieved a different position in Bollywood on the basis of his singing. Today he is compared to veteran singers like Rafi, Kishore, Sonu Nigam. Today, if you open the playlist of any person’s songs, you will find Arijit’s songs at the top. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Arijit’s name has been written on the canvas of Hindustani music which cannot be erased by anyone.

16 lakh ticket!

But recently such an incident has come to the fore which has shocked even the fans of Arjit. Fans were looking forward to Arijit’s live concert which is going to happen in January 2023 at Pune “The Mills”. When he picked up the mobile to book the ticket, the ground slipped under his feet. The ticket in this list started from Rs 999 but when the fans saw the cost of the most expensive ticket, it was Rs 16 lakh. Just seeing this, everyone started tweeting memes on Twitter in different ways.

and how much are the tickets

Although this 16 lakh rupees is not for any one ticket, it is for the entire Premium Lounge 1, in which 40 people can sit together and enjoy the concert. Unlimited food and premium liquor will be given to the people sitting in it. In this concert, apart from this lounge, there will be 3 more premium lounges whose price has been kept at 14 lakhs, 12 lakhs and 10 lakhs. Apart from this, tickets of nine thousand, five thousand, four thousand, two thousand and one thousand rupees have also been kept for the people.

Let’s see how fans expressed their feelings towards the expensive ticket with funny tweets

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