Satna News: Youth opened fire for not giving free liquor, incident captured in CCTV camera, police engaged in investigation. Youth opened fire for not giving free liquor, incident captured in CCTV Camera

Satna News: The terror of miscreants seems to be increasing once again in Satna of Madhya Pradesh. Where the sensation spread in the surrounding premises on firing at the shop. The employees and people present there saved their lives by hiding behind the table, whose entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera. After which the people immediately informed the police about it and the manager lodged a complaint at the Babupur outpost of Kolgwan police station.

firing on employees

Actually, the case is a liquor shop located at Babupur in Kolgaon police station area of ​​Satna. Where the young man lost his temper after not being given free liquor and started firing bullets at the employees of the shop and also abused them. Not only this, the mad youth also ransacked the shop. However, no one has been reported injured in the incident.

Manager gave information

In the case, manager Rakesh Jaiswal told that Sagar Singh had come to the shop at around 9.30 pm. He asked for liquor without giving money to which the staff refused. At that time he tried to abuse and vandalize and after some time he came with a gun in his hand and started firing rapidly. Then the employees present there saved their lives by hiding. Along with that young man, other people also came with him, whose complaint we have lodged with the Kolgawan police station.

The search for the accused continues

On the other hand, Kolgawan TI DP Singh says that an FIR has been registered in the Babupur police post regarding the incident of firing at the liquor shop in Babupur. Whose entire incident has been captured in CCTV. On the basis of which the youth is being searched and strict action will be taken against the accused as soon as he is found.

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