Satna News: Satna police got big success, caught the vicious criminal hiding inside the house by locking it. Satna police caught vicious criminal hiding inside the house by locking it

Satna News: Satna Police of Madhya Pradesh has got a big success. Let us tell you that the police have arrested Monty Singh, a vicious criminal who has executed more than two dozen criminal incidents. To trick the police, the house was locked from outside so that the onlookers would think that there was no one in the house, but the police failed to mislead the police, as a result, Monty Singh was caught. Let’s know the whole matter…

TI gave information

TI City Kotwali SM Upadhyay said that cases have already been registered against Monty on 22 criminal incidents. He was being searched for a long time in serious incidents like assault, vandalism, robbery, road rage, attempt to murder, abetting and finally succeeded in catching him.

Half a dozen companions were present with Monty

Police said that Yashendra Singh alias Monty Singh, son of former CMO of Chitrakoot Nagar Panchayat Gyanendra Singh and vicious criminal Yashendra Singh alias Monty Singh has been arrested by the City Kotwali police team. Let us tell you that before this, on August 7 near Panna Naka, he not only assaulted Akhand Pratap Singh by stopping him on the way, but also vandalized his vehicle and damaged it. At the time of this incident, half a dozen of his companions were also with Monty.

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