Satna News: Magic vehicle and bus collided strongly, 7 people were seriously injured in the accident. Magic vehicle and bus collided strongly, 7 people injured in the accident

jabalpur accident

Satna News: In Satna of Madhya Pradesh, once again the havoc of high speed was seen. Where there was a fierce collision between Magic and the bus, in which 7 people were seriously injured. Due to which sensation spread in the area. After which the local people informed the police about it. As soon as the information was received on the spot, the police reached the spot and with the help of an ambulance, all the injured were admitted to the hospital for treatment. Where his treatment continues. At present, the police has started investigating the matter.

Raigaon Road Case

Actually, the matter is of Raigaon Road in Satna. Where, there was a collision between the high speed magic vehicle and the bus. According to the information, both the bus and the magic vehicle were coming from Karsara to Satna. On the way near Raigaon Rice Mill, Magic tried to overtake the bus at high speed when a cyclist came in front. While trying to save her, Magic went out of control and collided with the bus. After which both the vehicles went down the road and Magic overturned and got stuck in the bus.

There were 50 passengers in the bus

Let us tell you that at the time of the incident, there were about 50 people in the bus while Manish Mishra resident and another youth were sitting in Magic, who were going towards Satna with their computer, printer and other belongings, when the incident took place. At present, the treatment of all the injured is going on.

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