Satna News: Blind murder case revealed in Satna, brother’s wife turned out to be the accused, know in detail… | Blind murder case revealed in Satna, brother’s wife turns out to be accused

Satna News: Disclosing the murder case, the Satna police of Madhya Pradesh has arrested the accused. Please tell that the murderer turned out to be none other than the brother’s wife. The one who attacked the brother-in-law sleeping in the field with a khurpa, due to which he died on the spot. This incident is of last 17 December. After which the police registered a case and got involved in the investigation and finally disclosed the murder. Let’s know the whole matter…

the woman made a plan

According to the information received, there was a dispute between the accused woman Narvadiya and her brother-in-law. After which Narvadiya killed her brother-in-law who was sleeping in the field by stabbing him in the neck with a scabbard. Actually, Narvadiya used to stay alone at home, then many people used to visit her. Also, she used to talk on mobile all day long. After which the deceased Jamuna had warned Narvadiya that he would pass on her activities to his younger brother Kallu. Then the woman planned and killed him.

SDOP gave information

Regarding the matter, SDOP Chitrakoot Ashish Jain told that the deceased was unmarried and lived with his brothers. He used to quarrel over the antics of Narvadiya, wife of the deceased’s brother Kallu. After which the woman went to the farm on the night of December 17 and murdered her brother-in-law to get him out of the way. At the same time, when the police interrogated Narvadiya and her daughter Asha Yadav, the statements of both came out different. Then, on the basis of suspicion, the police interrogated Narwadiya with strictness and he confessed to the crime.

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