Satna News: Administration took big action in Satna, maternal uncle’s bulldozer was driven to the rapist’s house. Maternal uncle’s bulldozer ran at the rapist’s house in Nayagaon

Satna News: In Satna, Madhya Pradesh, the administration has run a bulldozer at the house of the accused. In fact, the police-administration fired a bulldozer of the maternal uncle at the house of the accused who raped and murdered a 7-year-old innocent. There was a lot of resentment in the minds of the people regarding the incident and they demanded strict action against the accused. After which the police razed the killer’s house to the ground.

joint action by police

In Nayagaon on Thursday morning, the administration and the police jointly took action and took action at the house of rapist Rajesh Rajak. During this, a large number of police force was deployed so that no criminal incident of any kind takes place. Tell that 10 days after the murder, the police recovered the girl’s skeleton from the bushes in Bundelapurwa forest.

In-charge Tehsildar gave information

Tehsildar Ajit Tiwari, in-charge of the case, said that the accused had raped the innocent and killed the girl. Along with this, Ajit Tiwari told that he had constructed a kutcha house on a plot of 12 by 46 without the permission of the panchayat. Please tell that here he lived with his wife and used to do farming.

The incident was executed on 17 September

The case is of last September 17, when a 7-year-old girl was raped who took her on his bike on the pretext of taking her for a ride to Birsinghpur. After the incident, the police started looking for the accused and traced Rajesh Rajak’s number with the help of cyber cell. That day he called his wife 40 times. During interrogation, the wife told that there was a change in Rajesh’s behavior after the incident. After which he came to know that he had raped and killed the innocent and threw the dead body in the Bundelapurwa forest.

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