Samvida Health Workers Strike: In Guna and Damoh, health workers protested by sweeping

Samvida health workers strike : On Monday, contract health workers demonstrated by sweeping in Guna and Damoh regarding other demands including regularization. Today is the 12th day of their strike and they protested against the government by using a broom to get rid of the contract. Tell that about 32 thousand health contract employees are on strike across the state and they have placed their 41-point demands before the government.

Along with regularisation, they are also demanding 90 per cent salary of permanent employees, which the government had announced in 2018. They are on an indefinite strike for these demands and due to this the health systems are also crumbling. They say that even the government knows that contracts are an exploitative policy and they have accepted it. Still they are not being regularised. They say that they are responsible for the same work, but they have been on contract for years. They have said that they will not hesitate to sweep the streets while protesting their demands.

Their demands include adjustment of vacant posts to outsourced and employees working in Rogi Kalyan Samiti and filling up of posts by direct recruitment in departments. Along with this, they are also demanding to restore the old pension. Their demand is that the system of giving 70-80-90 percent salary to class III and IV employees in direct recruitment during the probation period should be abolished. Along with this, the demand for giving emergency medical allowance at night to nurses and paramedical staff is also included.

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