Salman Khurshid insulted Mallikarjun Kharge – VD Sharma. Salman Khurshid insulted Mallikarjun Kharge

Bhopal Salman Khurshid Statement Congress National President Kharge: Political rhetoric has now started on former Union Minister Salman Khurshid’s statement of Congress National President Kharge as a rubber stamp, BJP’s Madhya Pradesh president Vishnudutt Sharma has termed Salman Khurshid’s statement as an insult to Mallikarjun Kharge.

State President VD Sharma’s statement
State President VD Sharma said that in the country’s democracy, a national president of such a big political party and a scheduled caste leader is an insult, he should answer, Mallikarjun Kharge is the national president of the Congress, so if a scheduled caste leader When he becomes the national president, he proves to be a pawn in front of the Gandhi family, their leaders prove this by giving such statements, which I had said earlier that the Congress is limited to the family only and the Congress should be irrelevant. Gone, their leaders have become irrelevant today.

VD Sharma said –

Inside the country and the way we had said that either a person from the Gandhi family would come or become a courtier, today Kharge ji remained standing as a courtier, this is proved by his leader in his statement.

This was the statement of former central leader Mallikarjuna

In fact, Congress leader Salman Khurshid while talking to the media in UP said, “We have many leaders, I am also a leader but our main leader is from the Gandhi family, Mallikarjun Kharge is our national president, if I say Kharge ji is the leader. If Rahul Gandhi is not there, then it would be wrong, who is Kharge ji’s leader, he is our leader too,” Khurshid said. “Mallikarjun Kharge has played an important role in strengthening the organization of the Congress party. ,

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