Sai Narayan Bhajan Swami. happiness and sorrow are two parts of life accept them happily sai narayan bhajan swami. bhopal news

Bhopal News: Happiness and sadness are two integral aspects of life. These should be accepted gladly and should not be disturbed. This was said by Saint Narayan Bhajan Swami, the head of the Sindhi community who came from Shikarpur, Sindh Pakistan. He reached Bhopal late on Monday night and while delivering a discourse at Samadha Ashram on Ridge Road, said that we should accept both happiness and sorrow. If there is sorrow, then happiness will surely come. If there is happiness, don’t accept it as truth, always be ready. If unhappiness comes, we will accept it as the result of our actions. He also sang many hymns of Lord Lakshminarayan on this occasion. Sant ji will give discourse in Bhopal till 1st December. State spokesperson of BJP Dr. Durgesh Keswani welcomed him on his arrival in Bhopal on Monday.

Saints show the path of harmony

Welcoming the saint on behalf of the Sindhi community, Dr. Durgesh Keswani said that “Aag lagi aakash mein embers zar zar gire angar. If there were no saints in the world, the world would have died. Continuing his talk, he said that saints always show the path of harmony. The blessings that we get from the discourses of the saints always remain with us. By the grace of saints, one gets happiness in the world and after leaving the body, the hereafter also improves.

Happiness and sorrow are two parts of life, accept them happily: Sai Narayan Bhajan Swami

Bhopal has come after three years

On Sai ji’s arrival in Bhopal, the people of Sindhi community told that Saint ji has come to Bhopal after three years after the Corona period. He will shower nectaric words for four days in Bhopal. On this occasion, along with Bhopal, people of Sindhi community from nearby districts will also come to Bhopal. A large number of Sindhi community people including Rajesh Jodhwani, Shiv Israni, Anil Motwani, Bunty Bajaj, Yash Kumar, Dheeraj Kumar and Ravi Kumar were present on the occasion.

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