RTO Indore: Now there will be no problem during registration in RTO, 8000 blank cards arrived. Now there will be no problem during registration in Indore RTO, 8000 blank cards arrived

RTO Indore

RTO Indore : There was a shortage of registration cards in Indore’s RTO for a long time. But now its deficiency has been filled. In fact, more than 8000 blank registration cards have been delivered to the RTO. In such a situation, now cards will be given to people by printing on it. Actually Indore RTO had to face this problem due to non-supply of blank cards from China. In such a situation, whatever registration cards will be made available now, they will be of QR code without chip. Also, the quality of the new cut will not be as good as before.

Let me tell you, the cards have been received by the RTO two days back. In such a situation, these cards will now be printed and given to the vehicle owners. It is being said that everyone will be given the cards by the end of this week. Along with this, the pending cards will also be finished in this week itself. At the same time, the shortage of license cards has also ended. Because those cards have also come to the RTO. Tension will be removed by sending cards to people before the new year.

According to the information, earlier cards were given within 7 days after giving the trial, but this time due to the shortage of cards and due to the implementation of the vehicle system from last August, the printing work was given to the smart chip company, but He spent some time figuring out how to print the cards. Now a slight change has been made in the format of the card. Apart from this, it has also been told by the officials that the quality of the new cards is not good as compared to the earlier ones. Hence the printing on it may also be blurred.

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