RPF took action against brokers making illegal e-tickets, read full news

Jabalpur News : Under the “Operation Available” campaign, the RPF seized 241 e-tickets worth Rs 81,113 in Post Sagar and Out Post Damoh of Jabalpur division today, in addition to this Rs 1920 was also seized. Damoh RPF of Jabalpur Division received informer’s information that Railway Reservation Center in Damoh is selling illegal e-tickets on which the broker was caught and in inquiry his name was Rahul Chaurasia, District Damoh, M.P. Told. According to the demand of the customers, the accused accepted to sell the reservation ticket after taking out the reservation ticket from the Railway Reservation Center Damoh by charging Rs. 100/- in addition to the fare for personal benefit. A total of 05 reservation tickets (in which 03 advance journey cost Rs. 1325/- and 02 cancellation reservation tickets including 03 blank reservation/cancellation/demand letters and cash Rs. 1920/-) were seized by RPF.

RPF took action against brokers making illegal e-tickets, read full news

this is the whole matter

Similarly, in the second incident, on 28.11.2022, Inspector Anil Jha, Assistant Sub Inspector Shyam Sundar Singh and P. P. Pandey checked the shop of Katra Bazar Sagar with the help of IT Cell Jabalpur in Post Sagar of Jabalpur circle. , Shop Operator Name Mohammad Anas, District Sagar M.P. Told. The shop operator, during the enquiry, told his personal user two different IDs used for making e-tickets to be his own IDs, which by creating e-tickets from personal IDs from his own mobile, the customers would be charged an additional fee of Rs 50. Used to sell for Rs.100. On checking the person’s mobile by RPF, 62 e-tickets worth Rs. 32,957/- from the first personal ID and 174 e-tickets worth Rs. 46831/- from the second personal ID, totaling 236 e-tickets worth Rs. 79,788/- were invalidated. Railway e-tickets were formally seized.
Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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