Rewa News: Three major accidents happened at three places in Rewa district, police engaged in investigation, read full news. Three major accidents happened at three places in Rewa district.

burhanpur accident

Rewa News: In Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa, incidents have happened simultaneously at three different places, in which three people have died. Its first case is from Padar village of Mauganj police station. The second case is of Shardapuram of the same police station area while the third happened in Madau village of Baikunthpur police station. The death in all the three incidents has created sensation in the district. In the case, after reaching the police of all the three places, the bodies have been taken into their possession and have been handed over to their relatives after post-mortem. Also, the investigation of the matter has been started, let us know what is the whole matter…

Teacher’s murder or accident?

The first case is of Padar village under Mauganj police station in Rewa district. Where Prabhu Dayal Patel, a teacher posted at Khutha School, had gone to the wedding ceremony, whose body was found on the roadside on the morning of 26 November. Actually, he had gone to attend the wedding at the house of Dr. Jagjivan Lal Patel, a resident of Padar village. After marriage, the rest of his companions went home but Prabhu Dayal Patel did not return till late night, then the relatives started searching but nothing was found about him and the incident of his death in the morning shocked the family. Please tell that the relatives have expressed the possibility of murder. At the same time, the police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

The laborer died in the hospital

The second case is of Shardapuram of the same police station area. Where a laborer from Katni was found in critical condition, who was admitted to the hospital with the help of the local people but died due to excessive bleeding. At the same time, the police have got the post-mortem done and handed over the dead body to the relatives and have started investigating the matter and the people where he used to work and lived on rent are being questioned.

high speed killed

On the other hand, the third case is of Madau village under Baikunthpur police station, where a young man died due to a speeding Bolero collision. Actually, the incident is of Rewa-Sirmour road, when crossing the road on 26 November. Then he collided with a high speed Bolero. The accident was so gruesome that the young man died on the spot. As soon as the information was received, the police reached there and took him to the hospital with the help of 108 ambulances, but the doctors declared him brought dead. Then the postmortem of the young man was done and the dead body was handed over to the relatives. Here, the condition of the family members has become bad by crying.

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