Rewa News: In Rewa, the bridegroom broke the marriage for dowry, the girl filed a complaint in the women’s police station. Software engineer breaks marriage for not getting Rs. 14 lakh Dowry

Rewa News: A one-to-one campaign is being run against the dowry system across the country so that women who are victims of this practice can be saved. People are constantly being made aware for this. Various campaigns are being run by the central and state government, so that this practice can be rooted out, yet in Rewa district, due to the dowry system, the relationship of the girl is broken. Which has put humanity to shame. The dowry greedy refused to marry without caring for the girl, her parents and relatives. Let us know what is the whole matter…

The groom is a resident of Belauhi village

In fact, after the marriage was canceled after Oli-Bariksha and engagement, the bride reached the women’s police station with a complaint. Where she filed a complaint that the groom is a software engineer and his father is a policeman who had earlier demanded Rs 7 lakh but then suddenly started demanding Rs 14 lakh. Due to doubling the dowry amount a few days before the marriage, the bride’s side could not collect the money. In such a situation, the family members of the groom broke off the relationship. The girl told that the groom is a resident of Belauhi village under Shahpur police station.

Got engaged 1 year ago

On the other hand, after registering a complaint, the police investigated the matter and found out that the incident is 100 percent true. After which the women police called the father and son to the police station and an offense under section 498 of the IPC has been registered. According to the information received, Pankaj Singh is a software engineer in Delhi while his father Bhaskar Singh is posted in the Police Department. At the same time, the girl’s engagement with Pankaj Singh took place 1 year ago i.e. on 8 December 2021 and the marriage was to take place on 7 December 2022.

Bride’s side refused to give 14 lakh

In fact, the girl told that a few days before the marriage, the father and son doubled the dowry demand. Now instead of 7 lakhs, they started demanding 14 lakh rupees. After which my father begged the bridegroom and the policeman to hold their feet but they did not listen to him and said if the money is ready then talk. Our father cited the non-availability of Rs 14 lakh dowry.

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