Rewa News: High speed havoc in Rewa killed two people, sensation spread in the area. High speed havoc in Rewa killed two people

Rewa News: In Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa, speeding havoc was witnessed at two different places. In which two people died. Actually, road accidents took place at two different places in the night, in which two people died. Due to which sensation spread in the entire district. At the same time, the police reached the spot as soon as they got the opportunity. Let’s know…

first accident

First case The first accident took place in Sohagi Valley, where an unruly truck driver rammed the Magic vehicle late at night. The driver jumped on the apprehension of the vehicle overturning. The truck driver died on the spot due to the impact. According to the information received from the sources, the brake of the truck loaded with ballast failed while landing at Sohagi Ghat on National Highway 30. Due to which the truck lost control and collided with the magic vehicle, due to which the magic vehicle overturned. Truck driver Arun Chauhan died on the spot in the incident, the rest have been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Where his treatment continues.

second accident

On the other hand, the second incident took place in Chandai village of Sohagi police station. Where two bikes collided strongly, in which a young man died on the spot. It was told that Santosh Dwivedi resident Chandai was going by bike to the nearby village on the way to the highway. Then the high speed coming from the front came under the grip of another bike, due to which Santosh died on the spot. At present, the police has started investigating the matter.

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