Retired railway officer crushed by traffic police vehicle, people created ruckus, driver and other staff escaped from the spot

Gwalior News: A major accident took place at the railway station in Gwalior on Sunday evening, in the circulating area, the traffic police vehicle (truck) carrying two wheelers crushed the retired chief controller of the railway, killing him on the spot. As soon as the incident happened, the driver and other staff of the vehicle fled, people surrounded the vehicle, the police somehow explained to the people and registered a case.

According to the information, retired Chief Controller of Railways Santosh Sisodia lives in Agra, he had come to Gwalior for a wedding ceremony in his kinship, this Sunday evening he was going towards the station to catch the train to return to Agra with his family, when he was speeding. The oncoming traffic police came under the grip and he died on the spot.

According to the eyewitness, when the retired railway officer was moving towards the platform, then the traffic police vehicle lifting the two wheeler standing at no parking from the other side hit him, due to which he fell down, people shouted but the driver also mounted the rear wheel, Due to which his head exploded and he died on the spot. Eyewitness said that an ASI was also sitting in the vehicle, who fled along with the driver and other staff.

On the other hand, Ravi Bhadauria, CSP of Maharajpura Circle, who was leaving the station at the time of the incident, informed the Padav police about the incident and advised the people who were creating ruckus, however, the railway employees and others who created ruckus tried to call top police officers on the spot. They were adamant on the demand but the police assured them that the accused would not be released.

CSP Ravi Bhadoria told that he has spoken to the eyewitnesses regarding the incident, CCTV footage will also be seen, so that the reality of the incident will come to the fore and the culprit will also come to the fore, he said that an FIR has been lodged at Padav police station.

Atul Saxena’s report from Gwalior

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