Relief to employees-retired employees, government has approved, will get benefit of pension-special medical scheme

pensioner pension

New Delhi, Desk Report. The state government has given great relief to the retired employees. Actually they have been included in the pension scheme (DTC Pension scheme). Also, now 12 thousand retired employee pensioners will get its benefit. On one hand, where they will get the facility of pension. They will also be given the benefit of special medical scheme.

The decision was taken in the meeting on Wednesday. In which Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot has allowed 12000 retired employees of Delhi Transport Corporation to be included in the pension scheme. This will include employees who were on parole from August 1981 to November 1992. At the same time, he did not choose the option of pension scheme of 1992 Delhi Transport Corporation.

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The pension scheme was approved by the Ministry of Surface Transport on 23 November 1993 for the benefit of the employees of the Corporation. In this, they will be provided the same benefits as the Central Government employees. Earlier in 1993, while implementing this scheme, all DTC employees were given the option of opting for pension scheme and opting out of this scheme. Then it was decided by 12000 employees to stay out of the pension scheme.

However, the demand for cover under the DTC scheme by the employees continued. In 2018, the Transport Minister of Delhi had assured to implement it. After which a committee of officers of the Transport Department was constituted. On whose recommendation it has now been decided to implement it. Along with this, this decision will put an additional burden of Rs 12 crore on DTC.

Not only this, another important decision has been taken by the board. Retired employees of Delhi Transport Corporation and their eligible dependents in Delhi will be given the benefit of special medical scheme. Under this, the eligible dependents of the deceased regular employees of DTC along with non-pensioners will also get its benefit.

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