Reduction in cold winds coming from the north, increased day and night temperatures. weather

CG Weather Update: Due to increase in temperature due to increase in humidity, the cold seems to be disappearing from the state. The night temperature is being measured above normal. Due to the decrease in cold and dry winds coming from the north, there has been an increase in the temperature. According to meteorologists, this type of weather will continue for some time to come. Due to rise in night temperature for the next few days, the cold will subside.

A cyclonic circulation is forming in the Bay of Bengal. Within 30 days, it will get ready as a low pressure area and depression. By December 8, it will reach the coast of North Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and South Andhra Pradesh. Due to this, a large amount of moisture will be formed and due to rains in the southern states, its effect will be visible in the state.

Due to the arrival of moisture, the temperature will increase everywhere. Still, a rise in the minimum temperature is visible everywhere. It is 16.4 degrees in Raipur, which is 2 degrees more than normal. Due to high humidity in Jagdalpur, there has been a huge jump in the night temperature. Here the temperature has reached 17.6 degrees above normal. The temperature is also increasing continuously in Ambikapur, Rajnandgaon, Bilaspur and Pendrarod. According to meteorologists, the weather is going to remain dry for the next few days and there will be a change in temperature.

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