Ratlam: Protest of tribals on making investment area on the expressway, came down on the road, said – will not leave the land

Ratlam: Protest of tribals on making investment area on the expressway, came down on the road, said - will not leave the land

Ratlam, Desk Report. The protest has started regarding the Delhi-Mumbai 8-lane expressway passing through Ratlam, no one else but the people of the tribal society are opposing the special investment area to be built about 2.5 kms. In fact, the tribal society says that they have been raising families by cultivating this land for years and they do not want to leave the land. In such a situation, if the government does any work here, then they will have to move from here, the tribals say that we are not educated. He knows only agriculture and animal husbandry. If an investment area will be made here, then where will you feed the animals? At present, the administration has tried its best to convince the tribals here but no solution has been found.

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If the same administration is to be believed, then Project Ratlam is a big gift from the central and state government. This will lead to economic development of the region. Pollution free logistics hub and textile park will be built. Not only Ratlam, 25 to 30 thousand youths of adjoining districts will also get employment. It is worth mentioning that investment area is to be made in 5 villages of Ratlam district, due to which investment area has to be made on government land falling in revenue limit of Bibrod, Palsodi, Jamthun, Sarvani and Rampuria villages of Ratlam district. Most of the land of Bibrod and Palsodi village comes in the revenue limit. In this case, the administration claims that the investment area is to be built on 1466 hectares of government land. No one’s private property will be taken. This has been explained to the tribals as well, but despite that their protest continues.

The tribals who are protesting say that they are living here by doing farming and are less educated, we are doing the same work as ancestral, so now if we are removed then it will be wrong, they allege that the tribal farmers Pollution spreading industries will be set up by removing them. Even before this, these villages had earlier industrial areas. Due to the pollution of some chemical companies, many villages in this area are troubled by the problem of polluted water. If such industries are started again, then the environment will be harmed.

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Tribal organization JAYS and other social organizations have also jumped in support of the protesting tribals, these organizations have demanded the cancellation of the investment area. At the same time, tribal organizations have also warned of gheraoing the assembly if it is not repealed. For the time being, it has to be seen how the Madhya Pradesh government, which claims to work in the interest of tribals, will deal with the opposition of these tribals.

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