Ratlam administration will remove encroachment from Haat road today, constructions will be broken

Ratlam News: Ratlam administration is continuously running a campaign to remove encroachments to improve the city’s traffic system. Under this, action will be taken to remove encroachment from Haat Road area today. 2 days ago, the administration had also issued instructions to traders and residents to remove encroachments.

Action is being taken to remove encroachments with the aim of making the traffic system simple and easy. In this action, the staff of RTO, Police, Executive Magistrate, MPEB and Municipal Corporation are going to stay together. The Corporation had issued instructions to the people to remove encroachments at their own level. Corporation’s bulldozer will run today on the encroachment of those who have not followed these instructions.

administration instructions

Issuing instructions, the administration had said that no shopkeeper would keep goods outside his shop. Unattended vehicles will not be parked in roadside parking. The shopkeepers have to ensure that all the customers coming to their shop park their vehicles in an orderly manner. Along with this, the handcarts should not stand at one place and do their business while walking. He can sell his goods at 5 designated market places. The citizens who have made rough encroachments should remove them themselves or else they will be demolished by the administration. There was also talk of taking clever action against those who would violate the instructions.

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