Ration Card: Government’s big announcement for ration card holders, will get the benefit of additional ration, other facilities will be available from the new rule. Big news for ration card holders, beneficiaries will get benefit from the new rule, additional ration will be given

Ration Card : If you are also taking advantage of the government’s free ration scheme in the ration card holder, then there is important information for you. Many types of facilities are being made available to the ration card holders by the central and state government. The state government is announcing to give for the beneficiaries. Earlier, our government has decided to give 13 kg flour to 20 lakh ration card holders of the state. Earlier, 12.5 kg flour was made available to ration card holders.

portable ration card facility

Apart from this, a big change was made in the rule of ration by the central government. Due to which lakhs of people will be benefited. The facility of portable ration card will also be started by the government. For this it has been implemented in many states. A plan has been prepared to start it across the country.

Actually, after implementing the facility of portable ration card, the beneficiaries will be able to take advantage of the facility of ration in any corner of the country. For this, they will not have to make any separate card. Along with this, this facility will be available to the beneficiaries on the old ration card also.

free ration facility till december

Before this, the benefit of free ration facility will be given by the central government till December. Under the National Food Security Act, eligible beneficiaries can avail ration twice a month from the ration quota shop. Ration is distributed once at a fixed price. For the second time, free rations are made available to the beneficiaries under the Garib Kalyan Yojana.

Take home ration system will be online

To prevent any disturbance in the free ration supply, a plan is being prepared by the government to make the take home ration system online. With the introduction of the Take Home Ration System, all activities from the plant to the distribution of ration can be tracked. Due to which the beneficiaries will get benefit. There corruption will be curbed.

Benefits of sugar and lentils

The benefit of ration facility is being given under the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana. In which apart from wheat and rice, oil, salt and sugar are also being made available to many states. Apart from this, a major decision was taken by the Andhra Pradesh government. Under which the Civil Supplies Department has decided to include sugar and lentils in the ration for BPL card holders from December. This decision has been taken on Christmas and Sankranti.

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