Ratan Tata, who ruled from kitchen to sky, also fell in love, then his dream was broken

Ratan Tata Birthday: Ratan Tata is such a businessman of India who is an example for businessmen not only in the country but all over the world. Ratan Tata, who single-handedly took the Tata Group to great heights, has turned 85 today. He is known for his generosity. Happy Birthday Sir messages are being seen everywhere on his birthday.

story of ratan tata

Ratan Tata was born on 28 December 1937 to Naval Tata and Soni Tata. In 1959, he studied architecture and structural engineering and went to Cornell University. After returning to India from here in 1962, he worked with the workers working in Tata Steel in Jamshedpur branch. He wanted to know every work of the company very well, so he did every work that every person associated with that factory was doing. Due to his work and behavior, he became the favorite of everyone from the working class to the officials.

Tata’s command again

1991 proved to be very good for Ratan Tata and he was made the chairman of Tata Group. This decision proved to be correct and under his leadership, there was a lot of progress in the Tata group. Tata is a conglomerate that extends from the common man’s kitchen to the skies and seas. 17 companies of this 157 year old group are also listed in the stock market.

how much is the property

Ratan Tata has property worth crores of rupees, yet he prefers to live a simple life. According to a report, Ratan Tata has assets of 3500 crores, but he spends a major part of his earnings in social service, for which he is often in the news. Tata Group is a 2 percent partner of the country’s GDP. The market cap of this group in the financial year 2022 is Rs 21 trillion. 9 lakh 35 thousand employees work in this vast empire.

when the dream is broken

Despite being the owner of crores, Ratan Tata always works from his heart. This is the reason why he is seen doing social service work. Due to this thinking, he saw a dream for the middle class. The dream came true but later it was also shattered.

In the year 2008, Ratan Tata presented a glimpse of the Nano car to the world. From 2009 Tata Nano started racing on the road. The price of this car was 1 lakh rupees, which was very good according to the middle class family. This car was running but in some time it started disappearing from the market and the situation became such that the company stopped the production. This happened because this car was being identified as the car of the poor. At the same time, after the introduction of BS-IV emission norms, it was decided to discontinue this car.

Ratan Tata himself was once seen talking about this. He told that while making the doodle, I used to think that it would be great if the bike would be safe. Thinking like this, I made a doodle which looked like a buggy. Then I got the idea of ​​making a car and I came up with a Nano car for us. This car was meant for those people who dream of owning a car but are not able to afford it. However, despite his dream coming true, it proved to be unsuccessful.

when love could not be found

Ratan Tata is such a person whom millions of people consider as their ideal. He did not get married but there was such a turning point in his life which comes in everyone’s life. Ratan Tata fell in love while working in a company in Los Angeles. Love was on the rise and he was about to marry that girl but suddenly he had to come back to India as his grandmother was not keeping well. They had also thought that both would live together in India, but time allowed something else. In 1962 the Sino-Indian war was going on and Ratan Tata’s parents were not at all in favor of the girl he loves coming to India and thus their relationship ended.

Ratan Tata is an ideal for every age group

Apart from being a businessman, Ratan Tata is also a generous human being and a source of inspiration for millions of people. Everyone associated with his group is a part of his family and he never fails to take care of them. He has a special affection for street dogs and also donates to animal shelters and NGOs. Apart from this, whenever a situation of disaster arises, he always comes forward to help.

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