Rashifal 27 December 2022: Promotion of Aries-Gemini-Sagittarius-Aquarius, money gain-investment-travel, Virgo-Libra will have to be careful, know the future of 12 zodiac signs. Rashifal 27 December 2022: Due to Lakshminarayan Budhaditya Yoga, money investment promotion to Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cancer, keep control over Libra emotions, know horoscope of 12 signs

Rashifal 27 December 2022: Talking about the position of planets, Rahu is sitting in Aries. Mars is retrograde. It is transiting in Taurus. It is present in Libra. Sun, Venus, Moon and Mercury are sitting in Sagittarius. Saturn is sitting in Capricorn while Jupiter is transiting in Pisces.

Sheep : Aries will get unexpected success today. Good news will be received. Talk politely with life partner. Budhaditya Lakshminarayan Yoga is being created. Will get profit in business. There is a need to be careful with the opponent. In the new year, good profits will be seen in business. You can get some good news. There will be an increase in harmony between you and your sister.

Taurus : Today will be your day in terms of health for Taurus people. There will be great profit in business. If you plan any work, you will get success. Do not do any auspicious work till 2:00. New strategy is needed with expansion on professional activity. Will get success. There is progress in daily employment. Very good time from business point of view.

Gemini : Gemini have emerged from the risk. Stopped work will go on. Fortunately, some of your work will be done today. Duty will have to obey the higher officer, otherwise there can be hindrance in promotion. The money lent will be returned. If work is left on luck, there can be problems.

Cancer : The position of mercy benefactor of Cancer zodiac will be correct. Difficulties will be solved. Will get the support of life partner. Will get to learn something new. Can go on religious journey with parents. Today will prove to be a better day.

Lion: There is a possibility of getting a big deal, not a business. Today will be of great benefit. Lakshminarayan and Budhaditya can make a big deal by forming four yogas. There will be benefits in professional life today. Help can be expected from the authorities. Will be heavy on the enemies. Will get the blessings of elders. There is a possibility of getting benefits from the maternal side as well.

Libra : It will be right to come out of the control of emotions. Some important decisions will be taken with an emotional mind. Mental pressure will remain. Health will be moderate. Love will be moderate in the situation of the institution. There are chances of getting mild profits in business. Family life will be peaceful. Avoid discussing sensitive matters with family. Personality will increase.

Scorpio : Business activity needs attention. There will be some trouble. It will be right to solve the problem with your own calculation and courage. Can be a victim of domestic discord. Health will be moderate. The condition of love child is good. Increase in material happiness is possible.

Sagittarius : People with Sagittarius will get their own support. There will be progress in daily employment, improvement in business activity. The economic condition will remain strong. Behavior in the job should be sweet and limited. Economic situation will improve.

Capricorn : It is being advised to avoid investing. Whose time will increase. Health will be good. The condition of love will be good. Will get new responsibility. Two new yogas are being created. Luck will be with you.

Aquarius : People with Aquarius will get success in business. A big deal can be struck. Profit will be good. If you are planning a trip then you will get benefit. Using the rights, it would be right to take care of the management. People in job profession are expected to get benefits today.

Pisces : love distance is possible. Will remain dissatisfied with health. Will experience lifeless in health. Can feel weak. There is a possibility of physical pain. There can be a rush. The mind will remain troubled due to increase in expenses.

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