Rashifal 09 December 2022: Good day for Aries-Gemini-Leo-Scorpio, benefits of investment, job, travel, Cancer-Libra will suffer, know the future of 12 zodiac signs | Rashifal 09 December 2022: Reputation job health investment benefits for Aries Gemini Scorpio Virgo, Cancer Aquarius Libra be careful, know horoscope of 12 signs

Rashifal 09 December 2022: Talking about the position of the planets, Rahu is sitting in Aries. Mars is transiting in retrograde state in Taurus. Moon has entered Gemini while Ketu is sitting in Libra. Sun is sitting in Scorpio. Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius, while Saturn being a self-planet is transiting in Capricorn and Jupiter being a self-planet is transiting in Pisces.

Let’s know the future of 12 zodiac signs

Sheep : Aries people are being advised to avoid negativity. There will be cooperation of officers in the job. There is a possibility of change of place. Keeping emotions under control can prove to be beneficial for you. He is seen making progress in life. Health will be slightly soft and warm. Try to complete your work quickly. An exciting new situation will arise. There are chances of economic benefits.

Taurus : Today is very beneficial from the point of view of health. Important decisions can be taken in the direction of strengthening the business. Avoid controversial issues. Communication system will be good. It is being advised to avoid anger. The arrival of money will increase. The condition of love and children will be moderate.

Gemini : There will be peace and happiness in the mind of a Gemini. Will be full of confidence. There will be excess of hard work. Health has to be taken care of. Unplanned expenses may increase. There are chances of economic benefits. It will be right to do charity for mental peace.

Cancer Cancerians will spend time with their family today due to Moon being in Gemini. People around will increase your enthusiasm. After a long time you will feel relaxed today. There will be relief from financial crisis. Unknown fear will haunt you. The energy level will be slightly less.

Lion : There should be an increase in the income of Leo zodiac sign. Today is the best day for good news. Health is improving, the condition of the child is good. Today is a very important day from a business point of view. A credibility check is essential before lending money. Avoid debate.

Virgo : Virgo people will develop positively today. Take care of the family. Banking related work will have to be handled carefully. You will get positive results of the work done by you. Will be busy with household chores. There are chances of getting political benefits. The condition of love child is good. Salute Shani Dev.

Libra : Today the situation remains favorable for the people of Libra. Health will improve. Love relations will be strong. Will get the support of children. Will remain religious. Married people will have to spend heavily on the education of their children. Pending work is likely to be completed today.

Scorpio : People of Scorpio zodiac sign should pass today’s time with little savings. They may get into trouble. The situation remains unfavourable. The condition of love child is good. Opponents will be active. Students should not be lax in their studies to get the best results in future.

Sagittarius : Will meet with life partner. Will feel like a holiday. The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled. Health condition is likely to improve. Will keep himself busy in some sporting activity. Passengers have to take care of their luggage. Today will be a day full of achievements for your children.

Capricorn : Capricorn people will have to take care of their body today. Will feel tired. There is a possibility of profit from mother bird. There can be an increase in position, prestige and respect. However, there is a need to keep yourself alert. The responsibility of the child side will be fulfilled. The day will be normal.

Aquarius : Aquarius person will have to be cautious. Avoid taking any decision with an emotional mind. There is a possibility of loss today. Today is a good time for commerce students. The condition of the child will be fine. Business will be good.

Pisces : Positive thinking and bright side will benefit. Material comforts will increase. Creative ability will increase. Will get the benefit of unexpected rewards. Spouse will fulfill your daily needs.

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