Rashifal 04 December 2022: Gemini Virgo Scorpio will get benefits, benefits of wealth-health-glory-position, Aries Gemini Cancer should take special care, know the predictions of 12 zodiac signs. Rashifal 04 December 2022: Gemini Virgo Scorpio will get the benefits of wealth, health and glory, Aries Gemini Cancer should take special care, know horoscope of 12 signs

Rashifal 04 December 2022: If we talk about the position of today’s planets, then Rahu is creating an eclipse yoga in Aries by making Moon’s yoga. Mars is transiting in retrograde state in Taurus. Ketu in Libra and Sun and Venus in Scorpio. Mercury has reached Sagittarius while Saturn is sitting in Capricorn. Jupiter is transiting in Pisces. Let’s know the future of 12 zodiac signs: –

Sheep : Aries people will have to pay attention to health. Negative energy is being transmitted. Will feel depression. The condition of health, love and business will be more normal. Today, feelings of restlessness can arise in the mind. It would be right to keep your emotions under control. Due to the Moon being in Aries, you will feel a little relaxed. Hard work can pay off.

Taurus : Taurus people need to be careful. Will be troubled by headache. Will be scared of some unknown fear. There is a possibility of undue expenditure. Avoid anger, can go to religious place with family. Living will be more orderly. There will be irritation in nature. Life will take a new turn. There will be an inclination towards spirituality. Will benefit from colleagues and seniors.

Gemini : Gemini people will give priority to their family today. Can plan short trips with family members. Will impress people around with humor. The chances of romance seem to be forming. Be full of confidence. Difficulties may have to be faced in the job. There will be more hard work in the work area. Take care of your health.

Cancer : The mind will remain restless for the Cancerian. Be patient. Income will increase with the help of a friend. You will get good news from the children. There is an opportunity for business profit. There will be gentleness in speech. Today your money can be spent. Will be mentally in the election.

Lion : We will recognize our real Santa not by strength but by will. Matters related to money can be resolved. Will get financial benefit. Will be in a frenzy between dream and reality. Extra energy will be with you to make the day wonderful at work.

Virgo : Virgo zodiac sign will be interested in studies. Can go abroad for research studies. The rush will continue. be in good shape. Avoid excesses of anger. Be balanced in conversation.

Libra : The mind will be happy for Libra. Avoid unnecessary anger and debate. There will be an increase in business. Vehicle pleasure may decrease. Chances of growth in business are being created. Will get the support of higher officials.

Scorpio People of Scorpio zodiac will be full of confidence. Avoid negative thoughts coming in your mind. Keep emotions under control. Will have to work hard in the work area. Will get the support of friends. The religious work of the family will be completed. Expenses will be more.

Sagittarius : Take care of the health of the child with Sagittarius sign. There are chances of reduction in income. Will spend on things. More financial support is expected from the father. Avoid unnecessary debate. There are chances of increase in child happiness.

Capricorn : Today will be a normal day for the people of Capricorn. Moderate in conversation. There will be religious functions in the family. Can get the benefit of clothing gift. The mind worthy of getting money from the father will be happy. Will get the support of parents.

Aquarius : People of Aquarius will get the support of the government and power worthy of progress in the job. Friend may arrive. Honor, respect and prestige will be respected. Life partner may have health problems. Pay attention to the health of the mother.

Pisces : Interest in reading will increase. There will be sweetness in the speech. Chances of progress are being made in the job. Will get father’s support. Take care of your health. Be cautious about your health Religious activity will increase.

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