Rashifal 03 December 2022: Today is the best day for Taurus, Cancer, Libra, benefits of wealth, health, progress, Sagittarius, keep control over Leo’s anger, know the horoscope of 12 zodiac signs. Rashifal 03 December 2022: Luck for Cancer Libra Gemini, investment benefits, Leo be careful today, know future of 12 signs

Rashifal 03 December 2022: Talking about the position of the planets, Rahu is sitting in Aries. Mars is in retrograde state. Transiting in Taurus, Ketu is sitting in Libra. Sun, Mercury and Venus are sitting in Scorpio. Saturn is moving in Capricorn while Kesari Yoga of Guru and Moon is formed in Pisces. Let’s know the future of 12 zodiac signs: –

Sheep : Aries people take rest to feel refreshed from the body today. Hard work will be recognized and rewarded. There can be a business agreement in a remote area. There will be business coordination abroad or somewhere far away. Luck will support. There will be excess of expenditure. Mind can remain troubled. The condition of love and children is looking moderate. Communication skills will be impressive. Spouse will be full of energy and love.

Taurus : Taurus’s health will be good. Money will get a boost. However, the excess of expenditure will increase. Friends will prove helpful. There can be business agreements. New sources of income will be created. It is possible to get good news, travel can be beneficial.

Gemini : Gemini people have a good job position. Will get full support of elders. The combination of health, love, children and business will be amazing. Financially, today is going to be a mixed day. There are chances of earning money by working hard. Miscommunication can make your day dull. Efforts made to improve your appearance and personality will be successful.

Cancer : There will be an increase in the expenses of Cancerians. Although the inflow of money will continue to increase. Unexpected benefits are seen from relatives and friends. Love will win. There will be a religious journey. Will participate in religious work. Health will be good. The condition of children can remain moderate. Today’s time is auspicious from the business point of view.

Lion There is a possibility of injury for the Leo sign. Drive slowly, you may get into trouble. There will be lack of inner knowledge. Health will be moderate. Due to the position of Moon in Pisces, a long-standing problem will end. Controlling anger will prove beneficial for you. There are signs of financial loss. Today you can experience heartbreak. There can be an argument with someone close. Be careful.

Virgo : Today is the day of introspection for Virgo. Health needs attention. There will be health related problems. Due to which the expenses may increase. It will be necessary for you to take the advice of others before investing money. Job position is good. Feel like a holiday. You will get the companionship of your life partner.

Libra : Today will be a good day for Libra people. There will be attainment of virtues and knowledge. There are chances of getting benefits from the maternal side. There will be an increase in auspiciousness. Will get the benefit of health, love and respect. Today will be a challenging day for professional life. Deal tactfully with co-workers at work. Beware of negative influences from around on the domestic front. You will get unexpected benefits from friends.

Scorpio Scorpio : Will feel inspired to change life for the better. Avoid neglecting parents and don’t pay attention to dear rumours. There will be opportunities for monetary gains. Today will be a great time with relatives. You can make plans for shopping malls and outings with your siblings. Avoid excessive in emotional relations. It is very early morning for the students. You will get benefit in the examination competition.

Sagittarius : Today is an auspicious day if you want to make purchases related to land and vehicles. There will be communication of positive energy. Mother’s health will improve. Health is going well. The condition of love and children remains moderate. You will get benefits by worshiping Bajrangbali. Pay attention to health and complexion. There is a possibility of money gain from the mother’s side.

Capricorn : Capricorn can start a new business. It is auspicious time. The effort made will be successful. Donating yellow items can prove to be beneficial for you. Take care of health properly. Invest money to avoid financial crunch in future. To avoid misunderstandings and disputes, it will be necessary to listen to all the people in the family. Today you will have free time for yourself. Some old friends may come to visit in the evening.

Aquarius : Aquarius will remain optimistic. Promote confidence and resilience. Prepare yourself to let go of negative emotion like fear hate. Today there are indications of monetary gain through the institution. Today you will feel proud of your own child.

Pisces : Today is a very auspicious day for Pisces people. Will work on future plans. Life partner will stand by you at the time of help. Be sure to consult parents before making new investments. Try to learn from others. Complete the pending work in the office. Whatever will be needed. It will be available. Health is improving. Business is also very good.

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