Rashifal 01 December 2022: Promotion to Gemini Aquarius, money gain to Leo Scorpio Aries, sum of travel, Libra Virgo be careful, know the future of 12 zodiac signs. Rashifal 01 December 2022: Today is the best day for Aries-Gemini-Aquarius, profit in business investment, keep control over Cancer-Libra-Virgo anger, know horoscope of 12 signs

Rashifal 01 December 2022: Talking about the planets in today’s horoscope, Rahu is sitting in Aries. Mars is transiting in retrograde state and remains in Taurus. Ketu is sitting in Libra. Sun, Mercury and Venus are sitting in Scorpio. Shani is sitting in Capricorn. Moon is in Aquarius while Jupiter is transiting in Pisces. Let’s know the future of 12 zodiac signs

Sheep : A journey is becoming a coincidence for the people of Aries. Today there are chances of money gain. New avenues of income will open. Business will run in the right pace. It is being advised to be careful while driving. Feelings can be hurt. Will wait for a new relationship for happiness.

Taurus : For Taurus people, some family members will dominate you today. You come and take care of the needs of others. Colleagues will prove helpful to you. The position of the businessman will be strong. Business will have auspicious arrival. Health is better than before.

Gemini : Travel is becoming possible for Gemini people. The mind will be engaged in worship. Fortunately, today some of your work will be seen being done. Today is a pleasant day to recover from illness. Stay away from financial plans. The day is favorable for completion of domestic matters and pending domestic matters. Love life will be hilarious. Success is within your reach. Keep trying.

Cancer Cancer sign people will have to avoid taking risks. Don’t take any kind of risk. Health can be bad. There is a possibility of injury. Control your thoughts about others. There can be profit in business today. Family members will take advantage of the free time. Romantic confusion will increase. Prefer to be alone at night.

Lion People with Leo zodiac sign will have work pressure. There will be a stressful situation. You don’t have enough space. The situation of money management seems to be getting better. The cheerful nature will lighten the atmosphere of the house. Health will be better. Spouse will cooperate a lot. There can be progress of children.

Virgo : Enemies will try to disturb the people of Virgo today. may try to harm. Today you have to survive. Avoid bowing down yourself. Health can be a little up and down. The business situation is proving to be correct. Avoid investing surplus money in real estate.

Libra Libra sign people will get the benefit of their confidence and intelligence. Use time properly. Appreciate money or problems may increase in the coming time. Better understanding will develop with the life partner. There will be happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. Will execute your stalled works in free time.

Scorpio : Scorpio people will openly praise others today. There is a possibility of increase in income from investment. Stay away from people who only talk. Your relationship may sour due to someone’s interference. Purchase of land, building and vehicle is possible. Domestic happiness will be interrupted. business is good. Blood pressure may be irregular.

Sagittarius : There will be business upliftment for Sagittarius. Health is improving. The condition of love child is good. Business seems to be gaining momentum. Donating blue items can prove to be beneficial for you. Health will be fine. Today there are signs of income in the case of real estate.

Capricorn : Capricorn people have to remain optimistic to take good advantage, they can distance themselves from relatives who seek financial help. Trouble will increase in love life. The situation is going well from every point of view. Getting the benefit of the government system.

Aquarius : Today will be a good day for Aquarius people. Will remain the center of attraction. Things will be available according to the need in life. The condition of love and children is moderate. You will get the benefit of position and prestige. Will complete the tasks at the workplace on time.

Pisces : There will be worry in the mind of Pisces people. Will be afraid of some unknown fear. Imaginary debate will harm you today. Keep distance from love. Distance from children is possible. Business is going well. Worship Hanuman ji and do Jalabhishek to Bholenath.

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