Rare Video : TV show colored in black and white during live telecast in 1975

Rare Video : TV show colored in black and white during live telecast in 1975

Bhopal, Desk Report. Do you remember the time when most TVs were black and white? About 30-35 years ago, when TVs used to have shutters and a separate blue screen was installed on it. This was the method of white balance. Later, instead of that blue screen, some color screens also started coming .. which used to have two or three colors together. Many people used to put that color screen on their TV and used to enjoy color TV in black and white TV.

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When we all saw programs, songs and advertisements in color TV for the first time in our childhood, we used to compare it how colorful things that appear black and white are actually. Not only did this happen with TV, many films that were originally black and white were later coloured. Among them, the name of Mughal-e-Azam can be taken prominently, which was presented in color in the year 2004. It cost about 5 crores to color it. However this is a very difficult process. There are 24 frames in a second in a moving picture, that is, 24 frames pass before our eyes in an instant. Coloring it frame by frame is a difficult and expensive process.

Today we are going to show you one such interesting scene. It is 1975 and the Auntie Jack show is running on Australian TV. Earlier it was a black and white show and at this time it is turning into color during the telecast itself. It is very interesting to see how slowly things around are being filled with colors instead of black and white. The process of being colored is going from the bottom of the TV to the top and during this half the color of the TV is visible, half black and white. It’s like watching some magic happen. After a few moments, when the whole show becomes colorful, the scene changes. This interesting video has been shared by the Twitter handle named Historic vids and it is a rare clip that people are very fond of.

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