Rape with innocent in school bus: Life imprisonment to the driver, 20 years to the female caretaker

Bhopal School Rape Case: In Bhopal, the driver has been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a 3.5-year-old girl studying in nursery in the school bus itself. At the same time, the court has sentenced the lady care taker to 20 years. In this famous case, the court has given its verdict within 3 months. The court convicted Hanumat Jatav, the bus driver and Urmila Sahu, the female caretaker who helped him, and sentenced them today.

this is the case

The court sentenced bus driver Hanumat Jatav to life imprisonment till death and 20 years to female care taker Urmila Sahu. Along with this, a fine of 32-32 thousand has also been imposed on both. This incident is 3 months old. The girl studies in a private school in Neelbad area of ​​Bhopal. The driver of the school bus raped the girl in the bus itself. The matter came to light when on September 8, when the girl returned home, her clothes were changed. Seeing this, when her mother examined the child, scratch marks were also seen on the private parts. When in doubt, inquired the girl, on which she told that the bus driver uncle is bad, he touches badly. After this the girl’s parents contacted the school management. Later complained about the incident to the police commissioner. Mahila Thana police registered a case against the bus driver and arrested him. SIT was formed for investigation. The SIT presented a 242-page challan in the court within 20 days of the incident. Within three months, 32 people testified.

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