Raja Pateria Congress: After the video went viral, the clarification of Congress leader Raja Pateria, my statement was misrepresented. Raja Patariya clarification after viral video said my statement is being twisted

King Patria

Raja Patria Congress: Congress leader and former minister Raja Pateria has released a video in his clarification after the controversial video went viral. In this video Patria clarifies on the language used in his earlier video.

Giving clarification, Pateria has said that the video which is going viral is the video during the card distribution, in this video the matter of Modi’s assassination by me is being displayed in a wrong way. I am a man who believes in Gandhi, I cannot talk like this.

I meant the political environment where it is necessary to defeat Modi to save the Constitution. It is necessary to defeat Modi to protect minorities, dalits, tribals and to remove unemployment. My intention regarding the assassination of Modi has been completely misrepresented.

Let us tell you that BJP leader Rajpal Singh Sisodia had made a video viral on Twitter in the morning where Raja Pateria was seen telling the workers that if the constitution is to be saved then Modi’s murder is necessary and defeat is necessary. This clarification of Patria has come to the fore after this video went viral.

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