Raid action on the factory making fake pipes of Kisan Company in Morena, the factory was sealed. Raid action on factory making fake pipes of Kisan Company, factory Sealed

Morena News : Morena district of Madhya Pradesh has always been a topic of discussion. In fact, today a raid was conducted on the fake pipe making factory in the district. From where fake pipes were seized in large quantities and the factory has been sealed. Tell that the farmer company was continuously checking the pipes of Kisan brand sold in Gwalior-Chambal region for three months. After which, in the investigation, information was received about the factory making fake pipes from Kisan brand in Bamore, so let’s know the whole matter…

Raid action on factory making fake pipes of Kisan Company in Morena, factory sealed

operator ran away from the factory

Actually, adulteration khor is so active in the district that along with milk, cheese, fake manure, they are not holding back even in making fake pipes. A case of which was seen in the Bamor police station area, where a raid was conducted in a fake pipe making factory. During this, a large quantity of fake pipes were seized. Whose value is being told in crores. Let us tell you that as soon as the team entered inside, a huge amount of fake pipes were kept at all the three places, from the pipes of the taps to the irrigation of the fields. The team informed the factory operator Rakesh Singhal and others, but the operators ran away from the factory as soon as they came to know about the incident.

Fake pipe worth crores seized

Tell that fake pipes worth crores of rupees were made every year in the factory. Even in many government construction works, the contractors used to buy fake pipes from the factory at cheap prices in the name of farmer’s company and use it. At the same time, soon after getting information about this, the farmer company was examining the pipes of Kisan brand sold in Gwalior-Chambal region for the last three months. Meanwhile, the company got information about a fake pipe making factory. The owner of Kisan Pipe Company had filed the whole case in Delhi’s Saket Court with evidence.

sealed the factory

At the same time, the Delhi Court appointed Brijesh Oberoi as the local commissioner to take action in this matter. A factory named Shree Balaji Pali Pipes and Products Pvt Ltd, operating in Block 8 in Bamore Industry Area, was raided. The teams from Delhi and Indore stopped the ongoing construction work in the factory in front of the police and then sealed all the material kept in the factory.

The team got two brands on the spot

During this, the team found two brands on the spot, in which fake pipes were being made in the name of Kisan Champion and Kisan Shakti. The quality of the pipes was of such poor quality that they were crackling just by turning them lightly. Along with this, the factory operator traced the office of Shreebalaji Pali Pipes and Products Private Limited, which was built in Gali No. 5, Shiv Nagar Colony, Gwalior City, so that no legal team could reach the spot.

Sanjay Dixit’s report from Morena

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