Rahul passport: Big relief to Rahul Gandhi from court, got NOC for three years

News Nation Bureau , Edited By: Vikash Gupta , Updated on: May 26, 2023, 02:37:58 PM

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Rahul passport case reached Delhi High Court

Subramanian Swamy protested

10 year non-issue appeal

New Delhi:

Rahul passport: The court has given a big relief to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Raunj Avenue Court has issued NOC to Rahul for three years. It was argued in the court that MOC should be issued to them while going abroad. After getting NOC, now Rahul Gandhi will be able to visit America. Rahul will be able to address the Indian community in America on 4th June. This program is already fixed. But Subramanian Swamy has opposed it.

At the same time, senior advocate Subramaniam Swamy has opposed it. The senior lawyer said why Rahul Gandhi needed a passport for 10 years. Subramaniam further said that many serious cases are going on in the court against Rahul Gandhi. Keeping these matters in mind, the court should not issue NOC to Rahul for more than 1 year. Swamy further said that Rahul already has UK membership. The senior lawyer said that in 2003, Backops Limited, which is a UK company, Rahul has described himself as a UK citizen. The senior lawyer said that the government can ban anyone’s passport on the basis of security. On the other hand, according to the rules of the Ministry of External Affairs, if serious cases are going on, then passport can be issued to him for a limited time. The Home Ministry has issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi in the matter of dual citizenship, to which Rahul has not yet filed any reply.

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what is the matter

Rahul Gandhi had surrendered his diplomatic passport after losing his membership of Parliament. At the same time, he will be issued an ordinary passport like an ordinary man. For this, Rahul Gandhi will have to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the court to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Only after that the Ministry of Home Affairs will issue a passport to Rahul.

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First Published : 26 May 2023, 12:41:40 PM

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