Ragging in Indore: Ragging exposed in this college of Indore, investigation handed over to Anti Ragging Committee. Ragging revealed in this college of Indore, investigation handed over to Anti Ragging Committee

ragging in indore

Ragging in Indore A ragging case came to light from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College in Indore a few days ago. For which the police had taken the senior students in their custody with great difficulty. At the same time, another ragging case has come to the fore from Shri Govindram Sexaria Institute of Technology, Indore. It is being told that here senior students did ragging with the first year students taking admission from 2022 to 2023. Prescribed a special dress coat for them which was applicable to the students living in the hostel.

Ragging detected by teachers

In such a situation, when the college students came to the college wearing the same dress, the teachers got suspicious on them. Everyone churned seeing him and questioned him. But none of the students said anything at first. Later, when strictly questioned, some students told in a low voice that senior students were ragging with them. It was told by some students that seniors call them to their respective rooms at night and give different tasks. If he doesn’t complete it, he is asked to wear the same dress for 7 days.

Now the college has issued a notice to the senior regarding this matter. Along with this, the investigation has also been handed over to the Anti Ragging Committee. According to the information, the case of ragging between senior and junior is going on in the institute for a long time. But till now not a single student has opposed it. The incident regarding this matter came to light when students were seen wearing similar clothes in the same campus. Everyone was wearing full sleeve T-shirts, full pants and formal shoes and same belt.

The teachers got suspicious seeing this. After which investigation and questioning was done, second year student Prithviraj Sharma was accused of ragging. In such a situation, the teachers gathered information about Prithviraj Sharma and checked the mobiles of all the students. After which it came to know that when he was studying in the first year, he was thrown out of the hostel due to indiscipline. In such a situation, he was staying near the college with a room but he had to come and go to the college hostel. Prathuraj has been seen several times in the hostel. Now this matter is being strictly investigated.

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