Punishment for negligence, two officers of Bhind and Ashoknagar suspended. Gwalior Divisional Commissioner suspended the district coordinators of Bhind and Ashoknagar districts of Tribal Affairs Department

Gwalior News: On the strict instructions of the Chief Minister, negligent officers and employees are being suspended continuously, yet the negligence is not reducing, today once again two officers have been punished, on the proposal of the Collectors of two districts, the Divisional Commissioner has taken suspension action.

Negligence in discharge of official duties and extreme indifference towards the implementation of government schemes including departmental hostels has cost the district coordinators of Bhind and Ashoknagar districts of Tribal Affairs Department. Gwalior Divisional Commissioner Deepak Singh has suspended District Coordinator of Bhind Sanjay Gupta and District Coordinator in-charge of Ashoknagar district (original post Area Coordinator).

Divisional Commissioner Deepak Singh has taken this action under the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Rules on the basis of the proposal given by the Collector of Bhind and Ashoknagar districts. The headquarters of the suspended Bhind district convenor will remain the collector’s office Bhind and the suspended in-charge district convenor of Ashoknagar has been attached to the collector’s office Ashoknagar for the period of suspension. During the period of suspension, both these district convenors will be eligible for subsistence allowance as per rules.

Atul Saxena’s report from Gwalior

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