Press club passes resolution condemning public representatives, will demand this from CM

Press Club censure motion against public representatives : An emergency meeting was organized at Vidisha Press Club Narendra Tamarkar Smriti Bhavan on Friday. Tributes were paid to the three late journalists including the Press Club President here. At the same time, even after this major accident, a motion has been passed to censure the MLAs of 3 assembly constituencies of the district, both the MPs associated with the district, the minister in-charge of the district and the MLA and minister of Sanchi for not even expressing condolence.

During the meeting held at Press Club Vidisha, senior journalist Brijendra Pandey said that in this accident we have lost our press club president Rajesh Sharma along with two other colleagues Sunil Sharma and Narendra Dixit. Shortly after this incident late night, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressed grief and sorrow over the incident by tweeting. On the second day, the contribution amount was announced on his behalf for the families of the three journalists. Former Chief Minister and Congress State President Kamal Nath also condoled the incident through Twitter. Some other state level leaders also expressed their condolence in this way, but Vidisha district MLA Leena Jain, Harisingh Sapre, Rajshree Singh, both MPs associated with the district, Raj Bahadur Singh and especially Vidisha MP Ramakant Bhargava also condoled in some way. not expressed. The matter of helping the family is far away. More or less the same is the condition of the minister in-charge of the district, Vishwas Sarang. He too neither expressed condolence on this, nor met the family members nor conveyed his message to the family or the press through any means. A day ago, Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur reached among the families of the three journalists and expressed condolences.

Senior journalist Brijendra Pandey said that at the time when this incident took place in Sanchi area, the MLA of the same area and minister in the state government, Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary, who had returned after participating in the program organized in Vidisha district, was present in Sanchi. Were. He also had food at Sanchi’s hotel. Due to his convoy, the ambulance coming from the incident site to Sanchi Hospital had to get stuck in the jam. After such a big incident, all the journalists of Vidisha and Sanchi had reached the incident site and Sanchi hospital. Even after that, the minister was not informed about the incident by his workers or any responsible person in his own district and in his own assembly did not consider it appropriate to give this information to him which exposes his administrative laxity or despite having all the information, he In this incident, it was not considered appropriate to come to the spot, let alone express condolence. Regarding all these things, journalist Brijendra Pandey proposed a condemnation on the rude behavior and inhumane action of public representatives, which was unanimously passed by Press Club Vidisha, in writing to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to discuss the complaint in this regard and to discuss the matter with the district. It has been decided to demand removal of Minister in-charge Vishwas Sarang from Vidisha district and not to give charge of any district.

Meanwhile, in the meeting, former Press Club President Bharat Rajput informed about the decision taken by Municipal President Representative Rakesh Sharma and former Municipal President Mukesh Tandon that in NAPA, it was announced to give contractual appointment to capable and eligible person in the families of all three journalists. Is. On this announcement, thanks were expressed by the colleagues of the Press Club. Tributes were paid by all the colleagues of the Press Club by garlanding and offering flowers on the pictures of the late three journalist colleagues. He was also paid tribute by keeping silence for two minutes. During this all the members of the Press Club were present.

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