Police thrashed man in film style, admitted to hospital. morena police thrashed man in film style hospitalized. morena news

Morena Police News : If the Morena police itself comes down to arbitrariness, then who will take action against the said department which is responsible for the safety of the public. The police work for the safety of the common people and they are also empowered by the government not to do injustice to any innocent person. But when the police itself will act as a predator instead of a protector, then the general public will lose faith in the police. A similar case was seen in Ratiram Pura of Dimani police station area, where some police constables got down from the film style bike and reached the person’s house and after asking his name, took out a pistol and first hit him in the mouth, which caused him to bleed from the nose. He started flowing, after that he was kicked and beaten with fists.

this is the case

The matter didn’t end here when Fariyad reached Dimni police station with his complaint, he had to return to Morena disappointed. After that, the relatives of the complainant went to the Additional Superintendent of Police and pleaded for justice, then the Civil Line Police Station, acting on zero, sent the person to the district hospital for MLC.

seriously injured

Please tell that Dinesh Sharma alias Jassa was sitting at his house when Arjun Jat, riding a motorcycle from Dimani police station, took out his service revolver in film style and hit him, causing bleeding from his nose, after which other constables kicked him. He was thrashed with fists due to which he was seriously injured. After that he has been admitted to the hospital after first aid at the district hospital.
Sanjay Dixit’s report from Morena

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