Police raid in Damoh butcher market, police in action mode on information of cow slaughter

Cow slaughter case in Damoh : The news of cow slaughter in Damoh is constantly in the headlines and Hinduist organizations protest on this issue and also accuse the police and administration, but the slaughter of cows is not stopping in the Butcher Mandi area, once again Damoh When the butcher market is in the headlines, the police have come into action mode.

Kotwali police is now raiding this area. The Kotwali police received information that the cow dynasty was being slaughtered in the butcher market, after which a large team of police reached here in the dark, but by the time the police arrived, the butchers separated the cow dynasty from here and the police arrested the history sheeter miscreants living here. After raiding the houses of the Butcher Market, some people have also been detained by the police for questioning. According to Kotwali TI Vijay Rajput, the police continuously dabish in the Butcher Mandi area, and now a special campaign is also being run after the complaints coming to the fore.

Ashish Kumar Jain’s report from Damoh

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