Police caught ganja worth 60 lakhs, one accused arrested. dhar news police caught ganja worth 60 lakhs one accused arrested. dhar news

Dhar Illegal hemp: In Madhya Pradesh, continuous crackdown is being done against illegal drugs. A similar case is coming from Dhar district where the police has taken major action against the illegal cannabis cultivator. Seized 1052 hemp trees standing in the field. Along with this, the police has arrested an accused.

this is the whole matter

Let us tell you that Manawar police station is continuously taking action on drugs, the same police got information from the informer that 1052 hemp plants were planted in the field by the farmer Uday Singh of Banediya village, on which the police took major action. According to the informer, the police seized 1052 plants of hemp sown in the middle of the cotton from farmer Uday Singh’s field by raiding village Banediya, the accused farmer Uday Singh was arrested. Is engaged in Police has registered a case of NDPS Act against the accused.
Mo Altaf’s report from Dhar

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