Police busted the gang of bike thieves, 3 arrested, 8 bikes seized. shivpuri news police busted bike thief gang 3 arrested 8 bikes seized . shivpuri news

Shivpuri Crime News : Bamourkalan police of Shivpuri district has carried out a major crackdown on bike thieves. Police has arrested four members of the bike thieves gang. Police has also recovered eight bullet bikes from them. The said stolen motor cycles were stolen by the thieves from different places.

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Police station in-charge Bamourkalan informed the informer that three people were standing near the pond in Budhera village to sell stolen motorcycles. Acting on the said information, police station Bamourkalan raided village Budhera near the pond and interrogated three people. In which the said three persons accepted the theft of the motor cycle, the said motor cycle and the thieves were brought to the police station and interrogated. In which it was told by him that he along with another accomplice had stolen several motor cycles from Thana Khaniyandhana, Pichor, Bamourkalan and District Guna, Ashoknagar and after stealing the stolen motor cycles had also been accepted to be distributed among themselves. . At the instance of the said three thieves, 06 motor cycles were seized from their house and after arresting the fourth thief from the tapriya built on his farm, a stolen motor cycle was also seized. A total of 08 motor cycles worth about Rs 4,50,000 were seized from the above four and the accused were presented in the Honorable Court. Cases of theft, loot and murder have been registered against the said accused in the past also.

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In this action, station in-charge Bamourkalan Uni. Puneet Bajpai, Souni. Pratap Singh, Sr. Ranglal Mer, Souni. Dinesh Pandey, Pr. Raghuveer Pal, Rajesh Singh, Omprakash Rathore, R. Mohit, Alok, Gore Lal, Arjun, Shankar Lal, Sunil Mahila R. Aparna and defense committee members Ramveer Gurjar, Tej Singh, Dipendra, Rajendra Parihar played a commendable role.
Shivam Pandey’s report from Shivpuri

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