Police arrested the absconding prisoner after 20 hours

Khargone News : Prisoner Sanjay alias Sanju father Govind (27), a resident of Kheditanda, who escaped from the sub-jail located at Katkoot Phate in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh, was caught by the jail staff after 20 hours. According to information received from Jail Superintendent Yuvraj Singh Muvel, the absconding prisoner was constantly changing locations in the forest area. Even in the night, he was seen sitting at different places and lighting bonfires. But on seeing the car, he used to run away taking advantage of the darkness.

Let us tell you that when the jail guards intensified the search operation on Friday morning, Sanju was found near the Shiva cave built near Sanjay Ramkulla village. He tried to run away from there too, but was caught. He was brought back to the jail at around 7.45 am. Jail Superintendent Yuvraj Singh Muvel said that four teams were involved in the search operation late in the night to catch the absconding prisoner. This team kept the detainee surrounded in the forest area and did not give him a chance to escape from the area. This is the reason why he was hiding in the forest and could not come out through the road.

escaped prisoner

Significantly, Sanjay was an undertrial prisoner in the jail since October 14 under the Excise Act case. On Thursday morning at around 10 am, the ladder kept for painting in the jail escaped by climbing a 21 feet high wall. Eyewitness saw him running towards CISF. But after a few hours the absconding prisoner Sanjay was also caught by the jail guards.
Babulal Sarang’s report from Khargone

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