PM Narendra Modi told the secret of BJP’s victory campaign, know in just 10 points

News Nation Bureau , Edited By: Deepak Pandey , Updated on: 02 Mar 2023, 11:49:04 PM

PM Narendra Modi (Photo Credit: Twitter)

New Delhi:

Assembly Elections Results: The color of saffron has deepened in the North East states of the country. The Bharatiya Janata Party has returned once again in Tripura, Nagaland, while the BJP has announced support to the NPP in Meghalaya. There is a wave of happiness among the workers due to the victory of BJP here. Regarding this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM narendra modi) has fiercely targeted the opposition while addressing his party workers at the BJP headquarters. Let us know the 10 big things of PM Modi’s speech…

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  • Take out your mobile phone and greet the brothers and sisters of North East by turning on the flash light in honor of them.
  • Today’s election results have given many messages to the country and the world. Earlier, when elections were held in North East, the results used to come, then it was not discussed in Delhi. At that time there was talk of bombs, guns and blockages.
  • If someone hoisted the flag of another party in Tripura, he would be lynched. The results of these elections are being broadcast on TV since morning. Now North East Delhi is neither far from Delhi nor from the heart.
  • I am satisfied that I have won hearts by going to North-East again and again and this is the biggest victory for me. Now the people of the Northeast are realizing that they are no longer neglected
  • Some special well-wishers also get headache while thinking that what is the secret of victory of Bharatiya Janata Party, but I want to tell such people the secret of BJP’s success.
  • The secret of BJP’s victory campaign is hidden in ‘Triveni’… The first power is the work of the BJP governments, the second power is the work culture of the BJP governments, the third power is the service spirit of the BJP workers.
  • India’s development and its speed is being praised all over the world. I express my gratitude to the sisters and women of North East for this special trust.
  • Now the lotus continues to bloom, the lotus continues to bloom, some people are engaged in the identification of fanatics. They also commit dishonesty with full fanaticism.
  • This hatred of small people and small states is going to drown the Congress in the elections ahead.
  • In the beginning, BJP was called Bania party, then Hindi belt, urban party, but BJP has broken all the myths.

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