PM Modi: PM Modi wrote these emotional words to his mother Heeraben, said- Whatever I am today is only because of my parents. PM Modi wrote these emotional words of his mother Heeraben

PM Modi Mother Passes Away: Karma Yogi Heeraben has finally breathed her last at the age of 100 after living a life of renunciation, penance and sacrifice. Prime Minister Narendra Modi informed about the end of his mother’s life through Twitter. Hira Ba was admitted to the UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Center Hospital in Ahmedabad. Where he breathed his last. In this episode, the Prime Minister had written a blog on his mother’s birthday on June 18 last.

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Mother is the best form of the world, Mother is given the status of God in the world. If there was no mother, maybe we or you, none of us would have been there. Or simply say that there might not have been any creation at all. Mother, it is not just a word. This is the feeling of life in which affection, patience, faith, so many things are included. Be it any corner of the world, be it any country, the most precious affection in the heart of every child is for the mother. Mother, not only builds our body but also builds our mind, our personality, our self-confidence and while doing this for her children, she spends herself, forgets herself.

After giving birth to a child, the mother leaves all the love and happiness of her share on her child. Mother teaches us how to live life and she is also our support to live. To say clearly, we cannot describe the word mother in words. Usually we go to temples, mosques, churches in search of God, but we find him on earth in the form of parents. Till now even God, Allah or Jesus was born in this world after taking birth in mother’s womb, so no one in this world is bigger than mother.

Further PM Modi wrote that, today I want to share my happiness, my good fortune with all of you. My mother, Hiraba is entering her hundredth year today on 18th June i.e. her birth centenary year is starting. If my father were alive today, he too would have turned 100 last week. Whatever is good in my life today, whatever I am today is only because of my parents. Mother’s penance makes her child a right person. A mother’s love fills her child with human sensibilities. Mother is not a person, not a personality, mother is a form.

My mother’s childhood was full of hardships and hardships. Childhood struggles made my mother grow up long before her age. She was the eldest in her family and when she got married she also became the eldest daughter-in-law. The way she used to worry about everyone in her house in childhood. Used to take care of everyone, used to take responsibility of all the work. The house in Vadnagar where we used to live was very small. There was no window in that house, no bathroom, no toilet. PM Modi further told in his article that, where there is scarcity, there is also tension. The specialty of my parents was that even in the midst of poverty, they never allowed tension to dominate the house.

Prime Minister Modi wrote this blog for his mother on June 18, 2022, on her 100th birthday. In which his mother’s childhood memories, family situation etc. were mentioned and at the end of the year Heeraben said goodbye to the world. Please tell that on the evening of December 27, after Hiraba’s health suddenly deteriorated, he was hurriedly admitted to the hospital. He was having trouble breathing. After being admitted to the Cardiologist and Research Center of UN Mehta Hospital in Ahmedabad, his MRI and CT scan was done by the doctors. After which, while issuing a statement from the hospital on Thursday, it was said that Hiraba’s health is improving. Suddenly on Friday morning Hira Ba said goodbye to the world.

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left for Ahmedabad as soon as he got the news of Hiraba’s death. Though he was supposed to inaugurate the Kolkata Metro line today, his visit to Kolkata has been cancelled.

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