PM Modi: Congress leader Raja Patria’s objectionable speech against Modi. Congress leader Raja Patariya’s objectionable remarks on PM Modi

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PM Modi: Although in politics, it is very common to slander each other, but when politicians become indecent during the speech, then that common thing becomes a matter of debate. The post of Prime Minister of India is a very dignified post, but during a dialogue with the workers, a leader of the opposition is seen comparing the defeat of this post and the person sitting on the post with murder.

A video of Patria is going viral on Twitter in which he is seen talking about winning the election and Prime Minister Modi. Looking at the video, it seems as if Patria is not encouraging the workers but instigating them. Pateria is seen telling the workers that “Modi will end elections, Modi will divide on the basis of religion, caste, language, the lives of Dalits, tribals and minorities are in danger, if the constitution is to be saved then kill Modi.” be ready to do. However, later in the video, Netaji is seen giving the definition of the word murder as defeat and saying that murder means defeat.

The viral video is being told of Powai in Panna district. After the video went viral, BJP leader Rajpal Singh Sisodia has also targeted Pateria. Pateria has written in a tweet that this is the real face of the Indian National Congress, former minister and Congress leader Raja Pateria is giving provocative speeches by dividing the society by giving statements about the murder of Modi ji.

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