Players of danger on the road, 7 people on a bike

Players of danger on the road, 7 people on a bike

Bhopal, Desk Report. How many people can sit on a bike? Two or at most three. But according to the rules, only two people are allowed to sit on the bike. If there is a child with him and his age is more than four years, then he is also counted as the third ride. If three or more people sit, it is a violation of traffic rules and there is a provision of fine for this.

All these rules are made for our safety and convenience only. But perhaps breaking the rules has become a habit for many. The video we are going to show you today will make you laugh at first sight. But this is a very serious issue. This video has been shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu, in which we see a young man riding a bike. Two women and four children are standing around him and all of them are trying to ride on the bike.

It is difficult to even imagine how seven people can sit on one bike. But we are very good at Jugaadment. A woman slowly adjusts all the children on the bike and in the last she herself sits behind with a child in her lap. So many people who can’t even come in a small they are on bike. But two children are sitting in front of the bike driver and due to this his front view is getting obstructed. They are doing very risky work and a little carelessness can lead to a big accident. This is not only a violation of the law, it is also playing with your life. It is our appeal to all that never take such risk for the sake of saving a little convenience or auto money.

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