Place to visit near indore: Lotus Valley is very beautiful, people come from far and wide to enjoy nature. Lotus Valley of Indore is very beautiful, people come from far and wide to enjoy nature

place to visit near indore gulawat louts valley

Place to visit near indore : This year a lot of people are coming to visit Indore on New Year. In such a situation, there are many such tourist places around Indore which are very beautiful and a large crowd of people is often seen here. People from far and wide come to visit these tourist places. The special thing is that Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan and Global Investors Summit are going to be organized in Indore in the month of January. In such a situation, thousands of guests from the country and abroad are going to come to Indore. These tourist places can be visited for sightseeing. Today we are going to tell you about Lotus Valley Gulavat of Indore –

Lotus Valley Gulavat –

gulawat lotus valley

Gulavat is called Lotus Valley because lotus is cultivated here. People come from far and wide to see it and enjoy the nature. Most of the people come here to get photoshoot done. There is a huge crowd of tourists in Gulavat throughout the year. Everyday 5 to 6 pre wedding photoshoots are done here. The special thing is that good location and greenery is available for jeep, cycle, photoshoot in Gulavat. Apart from this, a bridge is also built from where the view of Lotus Valley is very beautiful.

Let us tell you, Gulawat Lotus Valley is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from Indore in Gulawat village. Lotus is cultivated here. Big bamboo trees are seen on the banks of the pond. This natural view of the village is very beautiful. People come from far away to see it. There is a crowd of people here throughout the year. In the winter days, most people come to Lotus Gulawat Delhi to roam and enjoy. If you are fond of photoshoot then you can get photoshoot done in Gulavat Lotus Valley. For this, the villagers in Gulavat Lotus Valley have put up swings, scaffolding, chair table decorations, cycles and various other things.

This is the specialty of Lotus Valley of Gulawat village –

  • You get to see many species of birds in Gulawat Lotus Valley.
  • If you are fond of word watching, then here can be the most beautiful place for you.
  • Boating has also been started in the pond, in such a way nine people are seated with the seeds of lotus flowers.
  • Tourists also get many types of things to eat here.
  • Food stalls have been set up here by the villagers. People come from far and wide to eat the food made by them.
  • This tourist place is the cheapest and most beautiful, here lotus flowers are available at a low price.
  • Pitra Parvat, Gomatgiri and Bijasan Tekri are also available for sightseeing on the way to Gulawat. You can also go for a walk here.

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