People wept bitterly on the transfer of the police officer. niwadi news

Niwari Police Officer Retirement : The farewell of a police officer in Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh became memorable, whoever heard about this farewell was surprised whether the transfer of a police officer can make people cry, in fact, such love of the public towards the police is rarely seen. gets to Police officers are often known for their tough stand, but what happened in Niwari on Thursday presented a new picture of police officers.

People cried over transfer of police officer

When a police officer was transferred here, the public bid farewell to this police officer by making him sit on a bullock cart and playing drums and drums, people were dancing and walking in this ceremony. People were also seen crying during the farewell. There were hundreds of people in the procession. Welcomed everywhere. Please tell that CM Shivraj has also praised these police officers.

such a police officer

Please inform that the matter is of Prithvipur in Niwari district. SDOP Santosh Kumar Patel was posted here. He left such an impression with his working style that people became crazy about him. This police officer not only succeeded in stopping crime in the area but also changed the hearts of criminals and severed their ties with crime, now SDOP Patel has been transferred from Niwari district to Gwalior district. When people came to know about this, at first they became sad, but after being explained, the farewell was made memorable. A large number of children, youth and elders participated in his farewell journey on the bullock cart, Santosh Patel, who is always in discussion about his work, wherever he goes, people become admirers of his work, this is the reason that for almost a year the Chief Minister himself Shivraj Singh Chouhan had praised him. A video of SDOP went viral. In which he was seen taking his bride away on a bicycle. Regarding this simplicity, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan had praised SDOP Santosh Patel through a tweet.

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